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Tailor-Made Life Coaching Program

Online Sessions Available

  • 1 hour
  • Starting £60/hr
  • Online

Service Description

Whether you're seeking clarity, motivation, or guidance to overcome specific challenges; or you require support and accountability to achieve your goals and dreams, bespoke Life Coaching Programs provide a flexible and accessible option to address your personal needs. Who is this service for? Tailor-made Life Coaching Programs are ideal for anybody looking to make small but powerful changes in their internal world (i.e. their mindset, beliefs, habits, self-awareness) in order to go on to make bigger significant shifts in their external world. What's included? * Sessions are held online via Zoom or WhatsApp and can take place weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on your needs. * Session notes are emailed after each coaching session for you to refer back to * FREE recordings & resources * Email and text support is available between sessions for accountability and support Session 1 is used to complete a comprehensive Life Evaluation & Plan, which takes stock of where you are in 10 key areas of life. This helps assess your Life Satisfaction Rate, and identify what steps need to be taken in order to move you forward in creating a life you can love and be proud of. This also informs how many tailor-made Transformational Life Coaching sessions you will need (programs usually vary from 4 to 12 sessions ) and what each session will focus on e.g. • Promoting confidence, self-love & self-worth • Developing healthy lifestyle habits • Improving time management & work-life balance • Nurturing positive relationships • Emotional healing & building emotional resilience • Career change and business development • Parenting - routines and behaviour management • Money management and generating abundance • Developing spiritual practice...and much much more! Individual life coaching sessions are available at competitive rates, starting at just £60 per hour for weekdays before 4pm (premium rates apply evenings and weekends). To schedule a FREE life coaching consultation or to enquire further about my services, contact me - Nichola - directly at - I'd be delighted to provide additional information and discuss how I can support you on your journey. Remember it only takes one decision to change your life...invest in yourself and take that first step towards positive change and transformation today!

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Hertfordshire, UK

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