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Transformational Life Coaching Testimonials

Donna (32yrs) - Reiki & Sound Healer

Coaching Focus: Relationships, Emotional Resilience, Business Dev., Money Mindset etc

I am so pleased I found Nichola, and am eternally grateful for everything she has helped me with during my sessions with her. We have covered every aspect of my life, and Nichola has provided me with not only a safe space to explore my emotions and thoughts, but also useful and clear actions to help me achieve my goals. Nichola puts so much care and effort into the work she does, each session being extremely well planned and put together. Nichola has an amazing aura about her, enabling you to really open up, feel safe and secure and only when you feel like this are you able to achieve the best possible results! 100% recommend Nichola to everybody I come across that is looking for some guidance, help and support in any aspect of their lives.

Alexandra (41yrs) - Social Care

Coaching Focus: Confidence & Dating

I approached Nichola to work with me on increasing my self-esteem so that I could have the confidence to find my soul mate! During the 4 online sessions, I found it easy to open up and was I very impressed by both her knowledge and therapeutic skill. There had obviously been a lot of planning for each session and she would tailor-make material just for me e.g. affirmations, journal prompts and guided meditations. Home learning was usually set to allow me to continue working on my goals at my own pace. And as the weeks passed, I started to feel empowered enough to try these new and very different approaches; although I admittedly felt anxious when dealing with issues of the past or having my first NLP and timeline therapy session, I trusted the process. I especially found the EFT session helpful as this is a tool I know I can use when I’m feeling overwhelmed and need to manage my emotions and let things go. I would recommend Nichola – The Mindful Life Coach UK – to anyone ready to make a change!

Miranda (42yrs) - Catering

Coaching Focus: Emotional Regulation & Healing

Overall a fantastic, beneficial experience with a genuinely caring and professional life coach in Nichola. For over 20 years I have been into self help, personal development and meditation and I was pleasantly surprised to experience new techniques and learn other methods that have actually helped me with my deep rooted traumas and emotional regulation.I feel so much lighter mentally and have experienced less emotional triggers. I seem to be handling normally overwhelming situations in a rational, calm manner since having the Timeline Therapy and Self Love Meditation sessions. I am keen to put what I have learnt into practice, but would be very open to accessing the services of @mindfullifecoachuk in the future to help me on my journey.

Tanya (27) - Nurse

Coaching Focus: Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Work/Life Balance

I worked with Nichola for 8 weeks mostly developing mindfulness skills as I was feeling overwhelmed juggling my high expectations around work and relationships and was neglecting myself in the process. I learnt skills to manage my stress and anxiety and have established a daily routine of meditation and journaling which I love and help me through the tough times. I’ve developed a healthier work life balance, enjoy spending time with my family again and I am prioritising myself care. What an awesome investment – thank you Nichola x

Rob (52yrs) - Branch Manager/Construction

Coaching Focus: Confidence, Health, Relationship

My primary goal in accessing life coaching was to promote my self-worth, sense of belonging, and to feel better about myself and life in general. While I know there is still work to be done, I feel I am so much closer to my goals. I have seen improvements in my relationships, my sense of satisfaction at work and I have started to make lifestyle changes to improve my health. While I was sceptical about meditation, I found it surprisingly enjoyable, a lot of the techniques used were a completely new experience, and each session was packed full of information and activities that made 90 minutes fly by. I would definitely access life coaching again with Nichola in future if needed. 

Rebecca (52yrs) – Aspiring Interior Designer

Coaching Focus: Career, Money Mindset, Emotional Regulation & Healing, Confidence

I am so pleased I took the massive step to use a Life Coach and I am immensely grateful I found Nichola. Nichola poured energy, positivity, enthusiasm, warmth, kindness, patience, care and effort into every single session. It was clear a lot of time went into planning each weekly session and I received detailed notes afterwards, which is a great reference to look back on.  I always felt unique and special when working with Nichola and never felt judged.  Since completing our work I feel I am able to connect with and manage my emotions better, I am able to connect better with people, I have learned to be a lot less self-critical, I am prouder of myself, and I feel I now have the tools to manage any given situation that comes my way. A fantastic, positive, uplifting experience!

Danisha (38yrs) - Lawyer

Coaching Focus: Confidence & Dating

I have tried a few life coach’s but haven’t connected with anyone as authentic and genuine as Nichola. Her energy and mindset is what attracted me to her programme, and she delivered results that I didn’t think possible In a short amount of time! There will be tears, there will be laugh out loud moments, there will be deep thought provoking moments.. but there will also be so much healing, self love and confidence and rays of light coming into your every day. All of the homework I was set I still use now to help me maintain the changes she made. She has left me feeling empowered, confident and loving every part of me and my life.

Jessica (39yrs) - Aspiring Quantum Healer

Coaching Focus: Business Development


 I found it really easy to talk to Nichola, who made me feel calm and very willing to talk. I opened up about some of the issues which I have been struggling with for some time and she went through them step by step, exploring them and coming up with ideas to work on in the future. After the session I really appreciated the email sent to me summarising the whole session, so that I could go back and recap what we had spoken about. I am very pleased that I tried the taster session, as since then I have worked on a few of the ideas and had a good outcome. I found the whole experience very calming and a great help…thank you!

Ceylan (33yrs) - Digital Marketing

Coaching Focus: Mindfulness & Emotional Healing

I could not recommend Nichola enough, she is like the fairy Godmother of mindfulness. She made the experience so enjoyable even when tough, I couldn’t think of a better more suited human to have as a guide on a self discovery/healing journey.

Ana (51yrs) - Lawyer

Coaching Focus: Mindfulness 

About my wonderful experience with the 8 week Mindful Life Coach UK Mindfulness Program: Great material was provided to support the sessions e.g. presentations, meditations, audio recordings, session summaries etc. Nichola demonstrated punctuality, empathy, organization, responsibility, inspiration, subject mastery, among so many other skills and qualities. My personal achievements upon completing the program: Acceptance - peace - meditation - journaling - resting - self-love - self-care - compassion - slowing down - gratitude - consciousness - self awareness. Best experience ever! Highly recommended! * Grateful * Thankful * Blessed *

Andrea (33) - Beautician

Coaching Focus: Emotional Regulation, Career, Relationships, Health

I cannot recommend Nichola enough! I worked with her from June 2021 to October 2021 and have made leaps and bounds emotionally and physically due to working with her. Nichola is calm, patient and empathetic, never did I feel judged and could completely open up to her with ease. Each session was planned and organised. Nichola explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable before and during the session. She made sure I received all notes from each session and by doing so I could remind myself of what we had discussed. She gave me the tools I needed to continue after our sessions have ended and I will definitely be in touch with her again. 

John (50yrs) – CEO

Coaching Focus: Emotional Healing & Dating 

I recently completed the Let Go of Past Relationships & Attract Your Soulmate coaching programme with Nichola, after struggling for months following a difficult break up. It helped me recognise the patterns I was repeating and why and helped me get clear on what I value and actually want to bring into my life. I feel the Inner Child work was especially valuable in dealing with past disappointments and traumas and has helped me deal with challenges so much better now than I did before.

I feel I have come on leaps and bounds since doing the course. Mentally and emotionally I am in a very different place now to where I was when the work started. I learnt that I can have a very different experience of life depending on my choices and attitude, so life feels so much better now despite the fact that little has actually changed. I am in a very peaceful place these days on the back of such a difficult relationship history. I would highly recommend this course – it has the power to change your life.

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