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Client Stories...

Single mum working from home

Rebecca's Experience

Coaching Focus:  Home - Career - Finances - Relationships - Confidence - Self Love

Rebecca is a single mother looking to change career and build confidence and emotional resilience'. Rebecca contacted Nichola @mindfullifecoachuk initially seeking support in making a major career move after finding herself stuck in a job she had accidentally fallen into. She received a FREE CONSULTATION to explore her goals and priorities, and initially signed up to a single Life Coaching session to complete a comprehensive Life Evaluation & Plan. This exercise highlighted the various changes Rebecca wanted to make to increase her overall life satisfaction and clarify just how coaching would help her achieve it. For a total of 16 weeks we worked week by week to catapult Rebecca forwards in her priority life areas of: home, career, finances, relationships, confidence, and self-love. We used guided meditations, affirmations, NLP, Timeline Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques to fast-track her learning, healing and growth. Home practice was assigned to accelerate transformation and in 16 weeks Rebecca was able to achieve the following: •Decluttered her home (a major achievement for a self-confessed hoarder) and started redecorating to make her living environment more organised and tranquil. •Gained clarity on her change of career and started a new job while developing her new business. •Evaluated her finances, changed her spending habits, sold unwanted items, took on a lodger, started temping and reduced debts to provide more financial freedom. •Helped her son develop his independent living skills, secure his own employment and more confidently provided him emotional support in his typically turbulent journey towards adulthood. •Learned about healthy boundaries, effective communication, and conflict management which she was able to apply in her relationships with family and work colleagues. •Learned, healed and let go of emotional pain and limited beliefs created through past relationships •Developed a super positive self-image and confidence, and started prioritising self-care and happiness, having adopted new habits, coping mechanisms, boosting her resilience, reconnecting with herself and remembering how awesome she is and has always been. Rebecca’s commitment to the coaching process was unshakable, both during and between session when completing the home practice. At the end of 16 weeks Rebecca reported a significant improvement in all major life areas and overall Life Satisfaction in her final coaching session. In her feedback she reported that she had learnt to recognise and manage her emotions more effectively, she was now able to stand back and consciously choose how to respond to any given situation; she is connecting better with people, is far less self-critical and finally proud of herself, her achievements, and personal qualities. As with all Life Coaching clients, Rebecca will be offered a FREE 3/6/12 MONTH REVIEW to stay in touch and ensure progress continues. Are you living a life you can love and be proud of? Are you navigating life's challenges with ease? And are you getting the support and guidance needed to ensure you stay on track? To have a chat about how life coaching can help you, request a free consultation today!

Business owner ready for change

John's Experience

Coaching Focus: Emotional Healing - Relationships - Self Worth

John is a business owner looking to heal wounds from the past and attract a healthy new relationship. John contacted @mindfullifecoachuk following a difficult long-term relationship and break up 6 months prior. He described the relationship as toxic and traumatic. He was struggling with ruminating thoughts and feelings, replaying painful memories and imagining hurtful scenarios over and over. This was affecting his mental health and ability to appreciate the good things in life including his children. He had built emotional walls to protect himself, but this was also stopping him meeting someone new and moving on, which at his core he deeply wanted. John requested a FREE CONSULTATION once he had HAD ENOUGH of getting in his own way and was FINALLY READY TO LET GO of the hurt from the past and MOVE ON. He signed up to the 6 week Letting Go of Past Relationships & Attracting Your Soulmate coaching programme, delivered online on a one-to-one basis by Nichola. Week by week John was taken through a series of life coaching exercises, using transformational techniques including NLP and Timeline Therapy. Home practice was assigned between sessions to accelerate and cement learning and change. And in 6 weeks the programme was able to help John: •Develop his self-awareness, clarify what he really wanted, why he was attracting certain partners and repeating the same old patterns and how to break the cycle •Recognise learning from past relationship experiences and LET GO of the emotional hurt linked them to create emotional space for a different experience •Started to develop his confidence and self-worth by connecting with his inner child, forgiving himself for past mistakes and reframing qualities he thought were limitations as actual strengths. •Raise his energetic vibration to match the kind of partner and relationship he actually wanted to bring into his life. John committed himself fully to the life coaching process. He actively engaged and completed all 6 sessions and most of the home practice assigned, and later signed up for an additional 4 one to one coaching to focus on confidence-building. 3 months on, John is now dating regularly and mindfully, being open and honest in his communication, and maintaining his standards and boundaries. He reports feeling more content with single life as he recognises just how much he already has to be grateful for in terms of his children, his work; he continues to socialise, travel and fills his time with things and people he loves and enjoys. He has learnt to manage his thoughts and emotions and prevent them spiralling, and he is enjoying the fruits of his labour more fully and mindfully now that he is using the tools and techniques he has learnt through the programme. One of the comments John made at the end of the 6 weeks was that Nichola should have been more forthright from the start about committing to home practice; and being clear from the start that this programme has the power to transforms lives, because it has had such a positive impact on his life in general. After a coaching break John is now accessing monthly life coaching sessions to help him stay on track with his longer term relationship goals. He has been dating a wonderful women for the last 6 months and working on his communication skills to ensure a more positive and harmonious relationship experience this time around. Are you in need of emotional healing to help you heal the wounds from past relationships? Have you learnt what you needed to from the past to ensure you do not continue to make the same mistakes from the past? Are you ready to attract your ideal match into your life and start living a life filled with love? To have a chat about how life coaching can help you, request a free consultation today!

Husband, father and business developer



Coaching Focus:  Career - Confidence - Relationships

David is a husband and father developing his new online business whilst trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He contacted Nichola at The Mindful Life Coach UK after being in business for a year. This was his second attempt at an online marketplace venture, after having built a similar business a couple of years prior but having to close it down following the Covid crisis. David was looking for a business mentor and coach who would be able to provide him with support and guidance to promote the success of his business the second time around. He was also looking for someone who would challenge him and help him identify blind spots both at home and with his work to ensure that he was juggling his multiple responsibilities effectively and not neglecting any important aspects of his life. David accessed an initial Free consultation to explore what he needed from life coaching, and agreed to fortnightly sessions to fit in with all his other commitments. Each session was tailor-made to meet his specific needs and requirements, and while most sessions focused on the development of the business and trouble-shooting issues which would arise, a holistic approach was also taken to ensure that David’s health, emotional wellbeing and family were also considered. Coaching focus included: •Business audit and formulating a business development plan •Models of one to one and group staff supervision •Leadership styles and staff development •Relationships & Communication •Confidence building and networking •Mindfulness and meditation for resilience building Despite juggling a family and team of 8 staff, David remained dedicated to his life coaching sessions for 6 months, completing home practice, and applying what he was learning in sessions to his work and home-life in between. After 12 sessions, and a super successful year in business turning over in excess of £1million, David opted to continue with monthly life coaching to stay on track and maintain accountability, thus ensuring the ongoing success of his business and maintaining his balance. The energy and commitment David has shown in his work and with his personal development journey leaves no doubt that he will continue to achieve great things whilst maintaining his health, wellbeing and nurturing his key relationships. David has a vision for creating a legacy for the future which will make a valuable impact on the world, a legacy he can leave for his family in future. With the ongoing support and guidance he receives from life coaching, he is already making this dream a reality. What are your goals and dreams? Are you getting the support and guidance needed to make them your reality? To have a chat about how life coaching can help you, request a free consultation today!

Wife. mother and fashion entrepreneur

Katie's Experience

Coaching Focus: Emotional Healing - Mindfulness - Relationships

Katie is a wife, mother and budding entrepreneur looking to develop her resilience and emotional wellbeing through mindfulness practice and promote healthier relationships. Katie contacted Nichola @mindfullifecoachuk at a time when she was going through family difficulties and struggling to manage her emotions following post-natal depression. She was provided a FREE CONSULTATION to explore her goals and clarify how Transformational Life Coaching could help her, and she signed up for a 3 month programme to address the various issues she wanted support with. We completed a comprehensive Life Evaluation & Plan to identify what Katie specifically wanted to change and what steps would be needed to move her closer to achieving her longer-term goals. Using a range of techniques including Mindfulness and Meditation, NLP, EFT, Timeline Therapy and Parts Work we were able to work on her priority life areas: relationships, career and health habits. By the end of the 12 sessions C had achieved the following: •A significant reduction in disagreements at home and better communication with partner •Feeling more confident as a parent and managing ‘mum-guilt’ •Bringing closure to long-standing family issues which were causing distress •Significantly improved emotional containment and mindful behaviour •Developed healthy habits including regular exercise and taking vitamins resulting in losing weight and improved sleep •Taking steps to negotiate a pay rise and promotion whilst developing a side-business •Prioritizing happiness by arranging nights out with friends and trips away Despite juggling work, motherhood, relationships and her various responsibilities, Katie remained committed to the coaching process from start to finish, completing home practice as and when she could. In her feedback at the end of the 12 weeks Katie reported experiencing ‘calm in her mind even when there is a lot going on’, utilising meditation and journalling and time spent in nature as tools for managing her thoughts and emotions and incorporating more mindfulness into her life. She reported wanting to understand her thinking better and said coaching helped change her perspective about her own sanity for the better. Katie accessed her FREE 3 MONTH COACHING REVIEW, then one again at 6 months and one at 12 months, when she decided to resume monthly Transformational Life Coaching sessions to help stay on track with the various projects and priorities she was juggling. These 1hr sessions are more free-flowing, though structured sessions are available as and when needed to address specific issues like developing confidence. 18 months on, and Katie is enjoying her work, she has developed a successful clothing business with her friend, she is delivering private Consultation work, enjoying motherhood and her most significant relationships and she is managing life's challenges with greater ease and resilience than she has ever known. Are you living a life you can love and be proud of? Are you getting the support and guidance needed to make your dreams your reality? And are you developing your emotional resilience to handle life's challenges with greater ease ? To have a chat about how life coaching can help you, request a free consultation today!

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